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Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy

Our Culture

Working at Parbold Douglas: Our Principles


We are intentional about how we work, not just what we do. This means that how we operate as professionals really matters to us. We have principles that we live by as a team. These underpin our culture and identity. They inform everything we do as we seek to equip children to be people who transform society and share God’s love.


We care deeply

Our vision and culture matter – we care deeply about our work and each other. We insist on the highest standards, championing or challenging one another as required.


We are present

We cherish the time we spend together and seek to understand the experience of those we work alongside.


We value everyone

Every member of our team matters. We trust each other and respect each other. We speak up and we listen. We succeed together, sharing credit and responsibility.


We evolve

Leaders are influencers – they make change happen. We are pioneers, taking ownership and moving quickly to pursue excellence every day. As we move forward, we learn from our mistakes – we pause, reflect and adjust.


We rest

To work well, you need to rest well. Whilst we have high standards and high expectations, we want each member of our team to be at their best. This means maintaining a healthy, positive work-life balance that does not compromise personal wellbeing.


Through all of this, we flourish

We believe that our children flourish when our adults flourish. We unlock the potential in each member of our team, supporting them to thrive within a team that cares deeply. 

Our Vision and Values


The principles set out above set out above are the 'organisational values' that underpin our culture and identity as a staff team.


To learn more about the Christian vision that drives us, and the values that we live by as a school community of adults and children, please visit the following pages.