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Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy

Art & Design

The aim of Art and Design at Parbold Douglas is to enable all children to produce and evaluate creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences. We aim for children to become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques. Through Art and Design, we seek to equip children with a shared global language that will allow them to communicate with others around the world about issues that matter.


Our school values in Art and Design


Through our Art and Design curriculum, our pupils are given the opportunity to live out and express our shared Christian values. They learn that the creation of art is a powerful form of communication and self-expression that does not rely on the spoken word. Children learn to value art as a means of communication that transcends language barriers, building a sense of community with those that we may otherwise struggle to understand. Art and design gives children a global voice, allowing them to speak to others from around the world about issues that matter. Through the art they create, pupils celebrate love and friendship, whilst promoting compassion for those in need. They express their hope for the future, using drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share their ideas and imagination. By studying great artists, craft makers and designers, pupils develop a sense of thankfulness for the creativity, skill and imagination of others.


Meeting the needs of our pupils in Art and Design


Through Art and Design, children develop their resilience and perseverance by recognising the benefits of continually evaluating and improving their work. They deepen their appreciation for human diversity, studying, celebrating and seeking inspiration from art forms from a range of different cultures and traditions. Children become confident creative thinkers as they analyse their own work and evaluate that of others.




Children are encouraged to develop their skills of observation and be involved in discussion. Children use the environment, artefacts, the work of famous artists and textiles for observation and as a stimulus for their own work. Children express and develop their own thoughts and feelings, which they can then use to create their own work using a wide variety of materials in both 2D and 3D.


At Parbold Douglas, art is taught through specific art projects, including:

  • Drawing: Portraits and self-portraits; Picasso/Hockney link (line, shape and form)
  • Painting and Mixed Media: The Great Fire of London (colour and colour mixing) – colour pattern and texture
  • Sculpture: Clay leaves
  • Sculpture: Autumn catchers and nature weaving
  • Painting and Printing: African Patterns/Animal prints
  • Observational drawing: Rufford Old Hall
  • Artist Study: Andy Goldsworthy
  • Drawing: Observational drawings – plants
  • Sculpture: Canopic Jars (use papier mache and/or clay)
  • Sculpture: Greek Art and Vases
  • Mosaics: Roman Mosaics
  • Digital Media: Andy Warhol
  • Drawing: UK Landmarks – sketching, chalks and pastels
  • Artist Study: Henri Rousseau
  • Painting: Watercolour – paintings of Christ Church Parbold
  • Artist Study: Georgia O Keefe – Poppies
  • Sculpture: Islamic Art (clay tiles)
  • Developing Art Skills: Mayan Art: ceramics, jewellery, fresco


To find out more about Art & Design, please contact the Curriculum Lead (Miss Bixter) or our Art & Design Lead (Mrs Bradley-Baker).


Our Curriculum Policy can be found on the Policies page (link below).