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Phonics to Fluency (P2F)


Phonics to Fluency is a research based next step to support a child in their reading journey after they have secured their phonetic knowledge.


The aim of Phonics to Fluency is to develop and embed early reading skills in children in Key Stage One and develop fluency and comprehension for children in Key Stage 2.


This approach was developed in response to our desire as a school to support children in the move from relying on “sounding out” words to reading smoothly with automaticity, accuracy and prosody. This approach has been used within our school for the past two years with excellent impact on reading fluency in both KS1 and KS2. In KS2, Phonics to Fluency has been used as an excellent intervention and a whole class reading approach to support fluency and develop a love of reading.


We host regular training sessions for schools new to Phonics to Fluency.


The resources and training videos below are designed to support schools to get started.


For more information, please contact the school team at Parbold Douglas.


Training Videos