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Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy


The aim of Music at Parbold Douglas is to deliver a broad music curriculum which aims to deepen the understanding of musical skills and concepts and engages and inspires our pupils to develop a love of music as well as their talent as musicians. Through this enriched curriculum, we nurture and celebrate the accessibility of music for all. We embrace the unity music brings, as pupils experience a variety of music styles and explore, listen, appraise and perform.


Our school values in Music


Through music, our pupils experience the joy that comes from performing together as a collective community. They experience the power the feeling of togetherness brings as they perform in unison. Children will develop a real sense of friendship as they work with their peers, developing their skills and sharing in their enjoyment of music. Music connects us to God in a unique way. Singing allows a part of our hearts to speak to God in a way that doesn’t happen as we hear the spoken word. Music is one of the ways in which we express our love towards God, with our whole being, and aim to show this love to the whole of God’s kingdom. Children will be thankful for the musical gifts of themselves and others, which allow them to express feelings and emotions in a special way. They will explore many emotions that music encourages them to feel such as hope and love.


Meeting the needs of our pupils in Music


Across all year groups, the aim is to develop children’s ability to express themselves through music.

All pupils are given opportunities to develop resilience by learning new skills and developing and improving those skills. They are encouraged to communicate with confidence and perform throughout each unit. The children also listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions. By exploring a wide range of genres from many different cultures, our pupils recognise the value of diversity and the joy and impact of music across the world.




Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity.


At Parbold Douglas, our Music curriculum covers all aspects of the National Curriculum. We use the Charanga scheme of work to both structure and inform our planning. This scheme uses a repetition based approach, allowing constant retrieval and mastery as musical skills are re-visted and established. The learning within this Scheme is based on:


  • Listening and appraising;
  • Creating and exploring; 
  • Singing and performing.


We make use of additional resources to widen the children’s skills and appreciation of music. These include:


  • Sing Together Project with Blackburn Cathedral
  • Peace Proms
  • Parbold Brass Band
  • National Sign2Sing Project
  • Community events (often performing with local schools within the village)
  • Church events 
  • Songs in worship on a weekly basis


To find out more about music, please contact the Curriculum Lead (Miss Bixter) or our Music Lead (Mrs Bradley-Baker).


Our Curriculum Policy can be found on the Policies page (link below).