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Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy


You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. 15 No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven."
Matthew 5:14-16


Our school motto, let your light shine, comes from the words spoken to us by Jesus at the sermon on the mount (Matthew's Gospel). Jesus explains that when we let our light shine, others will see and will give glory to our Father in heaven.


Worship at Parbold Douglas is all about giving glory to our Father in heaven:


  • We explore scripture and learn so that we are better equipped to take action and let the light of Jesus shine through us.
  • We praise God and give thanks.
  • We listen to and talk to God through prayer, stillness and reflection. 


Collective worship is the most important part of our day as a school family. Worship is inclusive, invitational and inspiring.


Inclusive: Worship is wide-ranging and varied in style. Our use of music and song includes a blend of traditional hymns, lively modern worship music and Taizé prayer chants. Many songs include actions, providing inclusivity for younger pupils. We discuss other faiths and worldviews as part of worship - for example, we learnt about Diwali and considered the importance of 'light' as a symbol to Hindus, as well as Christians. 


Invitational: We use language carefully in collective worship to ensure it is both invitational and welcoming. We support children to engage with worship in their own way, ensuring it is suited to their spiritual development journey.  


Inspiring: We want children to walk away from worship with fresh energy and a renewed motivation to do good (so that they may 'let their light shine'). Worship often feels like a celebration! We want everyone in our school family to feel the deep joy of communicating with God.


Our ethos group (Kingdom Builders) is led by pupils within Year 6. Every child in school is a member of the Kingdom Builders group.


Children and adults contribute to the ongoing evaluation and improvement of collective worship to ensure that it meets our goals. 


In our delivery of Collective Worship, we adhere to guidance set out by the Church of England (2021) - see below.

Worship in 2021/22


Throughout the 2021/22 academic year, our theme for collective worship will be ‘Kingdom Builders’. Each week, collective worship will seek to equip pupils with the vision, passion and faith needed to build God’s Kingdom here on Earth. Looking to Jesus and the early ‘Kingdom Builders’ from the New Testament for inspiration, pupils will explore how they can transform their own society with God’s love.


This will allow pupils to learn about our school vision of a world transformed by a generation of ‘Kingdom Builders’ who seek to transform society with the peace, love and joy of God.   


Throughout the series, pupils will deepen their understanding of our school motto: let your light shine (Matthew 5:16). They will learn that this motto is all about transforming society and building God’s Kingdom on Earth. They will learn that when we let our light shine, we let the light of Jesus radiate from within us to transform lives and communities around us. They will explore how we can shape society with the peace, joy and compassion of Jesus when we let our light shine.


Further information can be found in the plans and overviews below.

Picture News and Praise (Tuesdays)


Each week, the Picture News team choose a current news story, provide an image, a thought-provoking question and a variety of assembly resources.


We use these as the basis for collective worship.


We also meet for a time of singing on a Tuesday - this is an expression of praise to God. We sing a mixture of traditional hymns and modern worship music.


Find out more about Picture News below!

iSingPop (Wednesdays)


On Wednesdays, we use the iSingPop Collective Worship resources as we worship together inour own classrooms.


These resources follow a theme each term. Our children love the animations, the dances moves, the songs and the energetic presenters! 


Find out more about iSingPop below.

Celebration Worship (Fridays)


Friday worship is energetic, fun and celebratory! We reflect with thanks on the week as we celebrate each other and our collective successes. 


We celebrate:

  • Learning across the curriculum (Tweets of the week)
  • Great moments (Photo of the week)
  • Birthdays
  • Individual achievements in school (Stars of the week)
  • Individual achievements outside school (Awards from home)
  • The Golden Broom (cleanest classroom award)
  • Excellent behaviour (Fairtrade raffle)