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Governor Training Records

Our Governing Body is committed to continual improvement and development. This allows the board to continue to fulfil its duties to the highest possible standards and to remain innovative. 


The skills, knowledge and experiences of governors are audited on a regular basis and training is planned accordingly. Bookings and training records are overseen by the Training Link Governor (Mrs Jessica Churchward). 


This page is due to be updated before 30 September 2022.

Kay Baybut
 Blackburn Dioceses governor on line training14 Sep 2020
 The new inspection framework - Lee Pimlott21 Jan 2020
 ISDR Training for all governors26 Feb 2019
 preparing for ofsted for all Governors23 Oct 2017
Catherine Britner
 LCC Gov144 Inspection-Understanding an Ofsted Inspection for Governors (on line course) 13/10/2020 and 20/10/202013 Oct 2020
 LCC Gov 1371 New Governor Induction Online Course 5/10/2020 and 7/10/20205 Oct 2020
 NGA  elearning module- Compliance22 Sep 2020
 NGA elearning module- School structures and what pupils learn22 Sep 2020
 Blackburn Diocese e learning governance modules 1-415 Sep 2020
Grant Carruthers
 Leading Governance NGFL20 Dec 2019
 Safeguarding and child protection12 Nov 2019
 Prevent training (online)1 Sep 2019
 Pupil Behaviour, Exclusions and Attendance for Governors17 May 2018
Ellis Gill
 LPDS. Child Protection and Safeguarding for Governors21 Jun 2021
 NGA. Virtual College. Executive Leaders - Head Teacher Recruitment and Succession Planning22 Apr 2021
 NGA Virtual College. Equality and Diversity. A practical guide for Governors and trustees.22 Apr 2021
 NGA Virtual College. Getting to know the Law1 Aug 2020
 Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education Governance e-leaning training22 Jan 2020
 NGA Virtual College. Good Governance - Handling Delicate Situations12 Nov 2019
 NGA Virtual College. Exclusions7 Nov 2019
 NGA Virtual College. Pupil Premium2 Nov 2019
 NGA Virtual College. Your organisation: understanding school structures and what children should learn.27 Oct 2019
 NGA Virtual College. Headteacher Appraisal and Capability25 Oct 2019
 PREVENT e-learning training Home Office14 Oct 2019
 NGA Virtual College. Compliance - assuring  your organisation and keeping it safe, secure and solvent.2 Oct 2019
 NGA Virtual College. Working Together: Building the team and improving the organisation27 Sep 2019
 NGA Virtual College. Effective MAT Governance27 Sep 2019
 Structures, roles and responsibilities: Governance of a Church School1 Sep 2019
 Developing the Role of the Chair of the Governing Board4 Jul 2019
 Child Protection & Safeguarding for Governors Training19 Feb 2019
 Safer Recruitment fo Governors6 Feb 2019
 Preparing for Ofsted Inspection for Governors16 Jan 2019
 Finance for Maintained Schools including the Schools Financial Value Standard4 Dec 2018
 Understanding Schools Data for Primary Schools4 Dec 2018
 New Governor Induction7 Nov 2018
Ken Hailwood
 Prevent on-line training17 Dec 2019
 Keeping children safe in education 20192019
Joanne MacRae
 Governor induction7 Nov 2020
Julia Santi
 Diocese of Blackburn - Governance E-Learning Course21 Dec 2020
 NGA - 'Compliance - assuring your organisation and keeping it secure, safe and solvent’ 12 Aug 2020
Susan Timmins
 Managing staff workload and wellbeing: The governance role22 Jun 2021
 Diocese of Blackburn - Governance E-Learning Course 14 Dec 2020
  NGA - 'Compliance - assuring your organisation and keeping it secure, safe and solvent’ 17 Aug 2020
 GOV 107 Uderstanding Ofted inspection for Gov29 Jan 2020
 Prevent Training17 Dec 2019
 Mental Health First Aid for young people - 2 days14 Aug 2019
 Headteachers & Incumbents Diocesan conference14 Mar 2019
 SG - Responding well to domestic abuse3 Oct 2018
 Clergy Safeguarding Training27 Mar 2017
Heather Wainwright
 Compliance - assuring your organisation and keeping it secure, safe and solvent5 Aug 2020
 New Governor Induction31 Jan 2020