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Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy

Future Meeting Dates

Dates of full board and committee meetings for the 2021/22 academic year can be viewed below.


Autumn Term 
Full Governors Business Meeting 7pmThursday 16/09/2021
Nursery Committee 3:30pmMonday 04/10/2021
Remumeration 5pmThursday 07/10/2021
Premises Health and Safety Commitee 7pmThursday 14/10/2021
Standards Committee 7pmThursday 18/11/2021
Resources & Audit  Committee 7pmThursday 25/11/2021
Members Meeting 6pm Thursday 09/12/2021
Full Governors  7pm

Thursday 09/12/2021


Spring Term 
Premises Health and Safety Commitee 7pmThursday 27/01/2022
Nursery Committee 3:30pmMonday 31/01/2022
Standards Committee 7pmThursday 03/02/2022
Resources & Audit Committee 7pmThursday 10/03/2022
Full Governors  7pmThursday 24/03/2022


Summer Term 
Premises Health and Safety Commitee 7pmThursday 28/04/2022
Nursery Committee 3:30pmMonday 09/05/2022
Standards Committee 7pmThursday 16/06/2022
Resources & Audit Committee 7pmThursday 30/06/2022
Full Governors  7pmThursday 07/07/2022
Budget Setting (1) 4pmThursday 26/05/2022
Budget Setting (2) 4pmThursday 09/06/2022