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Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy


The aim of mathematics at Parbold Douglas is to build confidence and fluency in mathematical knowledge, concepts and skills and support students in using and applying mathematical knowledge across the curriculum and in real life contexts. We seek to foster an enjoyment and enthusiasm for mathematics and promote curiosity and fascination in seeking solutions to problems.


By securing the fundamentals of mathematics and developing fluency, children are then able to reason and problem solve, applying skills to a variety of routine and non-routine problems. Logical thinking and working systematically are also key elements of our mathematics curriculum, fostering initiative and an ability to work both independently and in co-operation with others.


School values in Mathematics:

Through mathematics, our pupils are afforded opportunities to let their light shine. In lessons they work together to solve problems, developing community, whilst also challenging themselves and others through competitions (e.g. through Times Tables Rockstars). Solving problems individually, and as a collective, enables the growth of friendship through learning whilst also nurturing hope, that their God-given talents may be vitally important in the future. Aspirations and ambitions are grown within mathematics, with pupils seeing and believing in themselves and the progress they make, be it in getting something correct they once found difficult or persevering through a challenge. Pupils are shown how their skills and knowledge linksto the wider world, making learning relevant.


Meeting the needs of our pupils in Mathematics:

Across all year groups, there is a focus within mathematics of securing the foundations in fluency. Through daily maths recall and a determined drive to secure knowledge in the fundamentals of mathematics, pupils develop perseverance and are able to complete basic number calculations with ease, providing more cognitive space for the more challenging elements of the curriculum.


Lesson design focusses on fluency, reasoning and problem solving, taking children on a journey through the concrete, into the pictorial and then to the abstract representations. This rich diet enables students to grow in confidenceas they make connections in their learning and understand concepts at a deeper level.



Our mathematics curriculum covers all aspects of the National Curriculum. We teach using the White Rose Maths scheme, which has been matched to our pupils’ needs. Teaching is further supported by small-steps guidance that provides teachers with a greater knowledge of the sequential teaching steps and provides high-quality teaching resources. Alongside this, we also use LBQ, Showbie and Socrative for diagnostic questioning and instant formative feedback. We make use of additional resources to support our children’s learning including TTrockstars, Numbots and Math Shed which provide different opportunities for pupils to apply their knowledge.