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Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy

Governor Attendance Records

For each trustee, the academy trust is required to publish their attendance records at full board and committee meetings over the last academic year.


Full governor attendance records for every academic year since 2014-15 can be downloaded below.

Governor Attendance Record 2021/22


You can scroll to the right to view the full register using the scroll bar below. Alternatively, you can download the register as a PDF using the download links below.


Parbold Douglas CofE Academy üPresent  
               AAApol's accepted  
Governing Body Annual Meeting Register 2021/2022ANAApol's not accepted  
               AWAAbsent withour Apol's  
    ClerkIn Attendance Notes
Full16/09/2021AAüüAAüüAANAüüüAAüNANAMrs M Foster   
09/12/2021üAAüüüüüüüüAAüAANANAMrs M Foster  Via Zoom 
24/03/2022üüüüüüAAAAüüüüüNANAMrs G Price  Via Zoom 
07/07/2022üüüüüüüüüüAAüüNANAMrs M Foster  In School 
Premises Health & Safety 14/10/2021üNAüNANAüüüüNAüNANANANALavinia Arnold  Via Zoom 
27/01/2022AANAüNANAüüNAüNAüNANANANALavinia Arnold  Via Zoom 
28/04/2022üNAüNANAüAANAüNAüNANANANALavinia Arnold  Via Zoom 
Standards18/11/2021NAüNAüüüüNAüüüNAüNANALavinia Arnold  Via Zoom 
03/02/2022NAAANAüüüüNAüAAüNAAANANALavinia Arnold  In School 
16/06/2022NAAANAüüüüNAüüüNAüNANALavinia Arnold  In School 
Resources22/11/2021üNAüNANAüüüüNANANANANANALavinia Arnold  Vicky SzulistVia Zoom 
10/03/2022üNAüNANAüAAAAüNANANANANANALavinia Arnold  In  School 
30/06/2022üNAüNANAüAAüAANANANANANANALavinia Arnold  In School 
Audit22/11/2021üNAüNANAüüüüNAüNANANANALavinia Arnold  Vicky SzulistVia Zoom 
10/03/2022üNAüNANAüAAAAüNAüNANANANALavinia Arnold  In School 
30/06/2022üNAüNANAüAAüAANAAANANANANALavinia Arnold  In School 
Renumeration07/10/2021üNANAü üüNAüNANANANANANAN/A Via Zoom 
Members Meeting 09/12/2021üNANANANANANANAüNANAüNANANALavinia Arnold Stephen Whittaker Via Zoom 
Nursery 04/10/2021AANANAüNAüüNAüNANANANAüAAJo Jarvis Via Zoom 
31/01/2022AANANAüNAüüNAüNANANANAüüJo Jarvis Via Zoom 
13/06/2022AANANAüNAüAANAüNANANANAüAAJo Jarvis Via Zoom 
Budget Setting 26/05/2022üNANANANAüüNAüNANANANAüNAJo Jarvis  
Total attended:  1441310721137206104541   
out of a Possible Total: 19713117212110227135743   


Initials used are:

KH = Ken Hailwood
CB = Catherine Britner
JB = Julian Baker
KB = Kay Baybut 
GC = Grant Carruthers 
EG = Ellis Gill 
MC = Martin Cooper 
JMcR = Joanne MacRae
JS = Julia Santi
HW = Heather Wainwright
JCh = Jessica Churchward
ST = Rev Sue Timmins 
JC - John Coxhead
JJ = Jo Jarvis 
NM = Nicola Mawdsley