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Annual Governance Statement

Annual Governance Statement

for the Governing Board of

Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy




In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the three core strategic functions of the Parbold Douglas Church of England Primary School Academy Governing Body are:


1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

2. Holding the Headteacher and school to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;

3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


General Comments


In our school year 2022/23, our school leaders, teachers and support staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that pupils would continue to have excellent educational provision and support.


The Governors and Headteacher have continued to explore the formation of a Multi-Academy Trust. Towards this end the Governors agreed that the school should explore new local partners to achieve this. After deep exploration of the compatibility of vision and ethos, and sustainability of financial links with other schools, we have decided that at this time, we cannot commit to any other organisation. We will continue to work towards finding suitable partners this academic year. There is a nominated Governor appointed to this role who works along with the Headteacher.


The Governors would also like to thank the parent community for their wholehearted support.


The work that we have done on the Governing Body:


Resources and Audit

  • Throughout the year there were interim Budget reports which detailed the school’s financial position in relation to income and expenditure. Budgets for 2023/2024 in addition to three year budgets were presented, and agreed.  
  • The Academy’s External Audit report shows that the financial position of the school is secure.
  • The Governors considered the Pupil Premium spending as well as examining the impact of this in the previous school year.



  • The Governors considered many issues over the course of the year, in particular ones related to pupil achievement, so that they could be sure that the school was on track to fulfil its ambitious targets for all pupils. With regard to assessment information, the Governors were kept informed of our procedures relating to pupil progress and how these are used to support future learning. Governors were encouraged by the very high standards maintained in the Phonics Screening Check, Y4 Multiplication Tables Check, an Key Stage 2 SATS. Pupils outcomes were excellent and well above national averages in all areas.
  • We underwent a very successful pilot SIAMS inspection of our Christian distinctiveness. Although this was not published, inspectors conveyed delight in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the school, and the effectiveness of the religious and wider pastoral education and care of our young people.
  • The Governors were kept informed of curriculum decisions via detailed and insightful presentations from subject leaders. In 2022/23, the governors heard presentations on: History, Maths, Geography, D&T, and English Reading.
  • Updates to the Three-Year Plan and School Development Plan were discussed at length. The Governors wholeheartedly approved of the aims of the four main ‘Golden Threads’ of the SDP – ‘Preparing Children for the Future’, ‘Striving for Academic Excellence’, ‘Developing Leaders of Change’, and ‘Equity, Diversity and Justice’.
  • Governors noted and discussed the wider strategies to support children’s wellbeing through the school’s excellent provision in this area (and via external links). The governors were delighted by the impact of the Pastoral Lead and Wellbeing Coach.
  • Governors noted and celebrated the superb strategic work the school has delivered to provide an exceptional personal development offer for all pupils. This included continuing to deliver the school’s exceptional extra-curricular programme with a varied range of opportunities each half-term. Participation rates at these extra-curricular clubs were exceptionally high; the governors noted that 84% of pupils attended an after-school club during the 2022/23 year.
  • The Pupil Curriculum Committee gave an excellent presentation to Governors. It was wonderful to see how articulate and well informed these Year 6 pupils were about the curriculum.
  • Governor visits in the Autumn and Spring Terms highlighted a strong and well-planned curriculum, which is being effectively delivered across school
  • Reports from the meetings between the SEND lead teacher and the link Governor were received. Reports from Link subject governors were received.


Premises, Health and Safety

  • There was a review of the Risk Management Policy.
  • Health and Safety issues were reviewed and updated.
  • Issues related to the school buildings and premises were discussed with forthcoming plans for improvement.
  • The nursery was effectively expanded to offer more places.


Governance arrangements:


  • There are 12 Governors, consisting of 8 Foundation Governors, 2 Staff Governors, 2 Parent Governors.
  • The Full Governing Body met four times this year.
  • Full meetings of the of each of the Resources/Audit, Premises and Standards Committees were held three times during the year.
  • The Remuneration Committee met in October to fulfil their statutory responsibilities.
  • The Headteacher’s Performance Management meeting took place in September, supported by an external LA advisor.
  • Governor safeguarding training was held in October. A Safeguarding external audit took place during the year. This was very successful and praised the systems  and training in place at Parbold Douglas.
  • Also, there were regular meetings of the following committees; Audit & Resources, Budget, Nursery and Wellbeing.



Governors attended sessions on safeguarding, (provided by school safeguarding lead), and how to effectively challenge and assess school progress, (provided by LCC advisor). These sessions were for the full Governing Board. In addition to this, our Training Governor facilitated the attendance of individual courses to Governors based on identified training needs. All governors completed the self-evaluation skills audit (from the National Governance Association) in August 2023. Actions from this are reported In the Annual Governance Plan.


A separate document in the Governors’ section of the school website details the attendance of each individual governor at these meetings. Governors had good attendance at meetings.