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Annual Governance Statement

This page is due to be updated before 30 September 2022.


Annual Governance Statement

for the Governing Board of

Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy




In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the three core strategic functions of the Parbold Douglas Church of England Primary School Academy Governing Body are:


1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

2. Holding the Headteacher and school to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;

3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


General Comments


Our 2020/21 school year has drawn to a close after yet another unprecedented period for all of us.

Despite the various disruptions that were announced by the government, our school leaders, teachers and support staff have worked tirelessly to adapt so that we could continue to give high-quality educational provision and support throughout the academic year.


The Governors thank the entire team for all their hard work and commitment in sustaining the provision of an excellent education for all, especially during the spring lockdown when providing high-quality lessons remotely for those at home whilst teaching the children of critical workers in school. When all pupils returned to school in March 2021, the school’s excellent ‘Shining Even Brighter’ strategy ensured a smooth transition that prioritised the academic, spiritual, emotional and social development of every child. This was the result of much hard work and innovative thinking and the Governors are extremely grateful to all for this.


The Governors would also like to thank the parent community for their wholehearted support throughout the pandemic and for working so positively with the school to secure the best for their children.


The work that we have done on the Governing Body:


Resources and Audit

  • Throughout the year there were interim Budget reports which detailed the school’s financial position in relation to income and expenditure, particularly in relation to the school budget set in 2020 for the 2020/2021 school year. This process continued in summer term 2021 when the new budget for 2021/2022 was presented, as well as budgets for 2022/23 and 2023/24, and agreed.  
  • The Academy’s External Audit report shows a positive cash position for the school.
  • The Governors considered the Pupil Premium spending as well as examining the impact of this in the previous school year.



  • The Governors considered many issues over the course of the year, in particular ones related to pupil achievement, so that they could be sure that the school was on track to fulfil its ambitious targets for all pupils - with additional focus on ‘closing the gap’. With regard to assessment information the Governors were kept informed of our procedures relating to pupil progress and how these are used to support future learning.
  • The Governors were kept informed of curriculum decisions.
  • Updates to the School Development Plan were discussed.
  • Governors noted and discussed the wider strategies to support children’s well-being through external links.
  • A report from the meetings between the SEND lead teacher and the link Governor were received.


Premises, Health and Safety

  • There was a review of the Risk Register.
  • Health and Safety issues were reviewed and updated in the light of the pandemic. Health and Safety arrangements for COVID 19 were inspected by the FGB.
  • Issues related to the school buildings and premises were discussed with forthcoming plans for improvement. The Governors see it as a priority to progress the construction of a brick building to replace the portacabin although this has been delayed by a year due to the pandemic and the need to appoint a new Headteacher due to the resignation of Mrs Natalie Watts.


Governance arrangements:


  • There are 12 Governors, consisting of 8 Foundation Governors, 2 Staff Governors, 2 Parent Governors.
  • The Full Governing Body met on more than the usual four times in the year. Additional meetings were needed due to the resignation of Mrs Natalie Watts and the appointment of our new Headteacher Mr John Coxhead; all of the meetings (except for the prospective Headteacher interviews) were held by Zoom.
  • Full meetings of the of each of the Resources/Audit, Premises and Standards Committees were held three times during the year. All meetings were by Zoom.
  • The Remuneration Committee met in October to fulfil their statutory responsibilities.
  • The Headteacher’s Performance Management meeting took place in September.
  • A Safeguarding review meeting was held in September. A Safeguarding external audit took place in November 2020.
  • Also, there were regular meetings of the following committees; Budget, Teaching School, Nursery and Wellbeing.
  • FGB training:
  1. Due to the pandemic, training has only been available online. A variety of sources have been accessed including LPDS, NGA (Virtual College), Blackburn Diocese.
  2. Following on from guidance from the DfE concerning the government’s desire to encourage single academy trusts to consider forming MATs (multi academy trusts) the FGB had training on both the legal aspects of MAT formation from PDAs legal advisors and on other aspects of MATs from the Blackburn diocese Director of Education.
  • The Headteacher’s Appraisal Committee met in September 2020 supported by an external LA advisor.
  • All governors completed a self-evaluated skills audit in July 2021 along with a ‘GovernorHub - Healthcheck’. Actions from this are reported In the Annual Governance Plan.
  • As a priority the governing board continued to closely monitor the wellbeing of the Headteacher, staff, pupils and parent communities as the Covid-19 pandemic continued to affect school and home life.


A separate section in the Governors’ area of the school website details the attendance of each individual governor at these meetings. Governors had good attendance at meetings.


How you can contact the governing board:


We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents – please contact the Chair of Governing Body, Dr Ellis Gill, via the school office.


Our Governing Body: