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Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy


We seek to empower our pupils to live out our school values and pursue our vision through regular campaigns, projects and events.


In recent years, our Year 6 pupils have put together some fantastic video campaigns. These videos a help explain our Christian values in an accessible way for the other children in school and include a call to action.


Other videos are designed to promote upcoming events.

20 is Plenty [Year 6 Campaign]

Year 6 launch their '20 is plenty' campaign with this powerful video. Please encourage everyone to drive at the safe speed of 20mph when passing our school.

Chocolate Orange Appeal (Christmas 2023): Stable Lives

Stained Glass Window Competition (Liverpool Cathedral)

The Year 6 Creative Team invite children to take part in Liverpool Cathedral's competition to design a stained glass window. Competition packs can be requested from class teachers. Entries should be submitted to school by Friday 10th November 2023.

Wrap Up West Lancs 2023

Do you have any preloved coats you could donate? Our Community Team invite you to take part in Wrap Up West Lancs 2023!

Food Appeal (June 2023)

Year 3 read a class letter they have written together to launch their foodbank appeal.

Hilldale Park - We Need Your Help! [June 2023]

Calling all Parbold Douglas pupils! Hilldale Parish Council can't wait to hear your ideas for a new play area at Hilldale Park! Give your designs to Year 6 by Friday 16 June 2023.

Use Fewer Paper Towels! [Campaign]

The Year 6 Climate Emergency Team launched a new campaign in late April 2023, encouraging everyone in school to use fewer blue paper towels! As these cannot be recycled, this will help reduce the school's waste.

World Book Day 2023 [Promo]

Our Year 6 Young Leaders and Reading Champions invite our children to join in with Wold Book Day 2023 celebrations.

Christmas Jumper Day 2022 PROMO

Our Year 6 Young Leaders invite our children and community to participate in Save The Children's annual Christmas Jumper Day.

Odd Socks Day 2022 Promo

The Heads Team invite children across school to participate in Odd Socks Day as we launch Anti-bullying Week 2022.

Harvest Appeal 2022

Our Kingdom Builders Ethos Leaders and our Community Team launch this year's harvest appeal...

Sports Day 2022 Promo

Our Year 6 Sports & Fitness Champions introduce Sports Day 2022!

The Big Plastic Count (16th - 22nd May 2022)

Our Climate Emergency Team invite all in our school community to join in with the Big Plastic Count (16th - 22nd May 2022).

Red Nose Day 2022 Promo

The School Council invite you to join them for Red Nose Day at Parbold Douglas on Friday 18th March 2022.

World Book Day 2022 Promo

Our Reading Champions share information about our plans for World Book Day 2022...

Fairtrade Stall: Promo Video (Fairtrade Fortnight 2022)

Young Leaders from Parbold Douglas CE Academy promote the upcoming Fairtrade Stall (after school on Monday 28th February 2022).

Big Garden Birdwatch 2022 Promo

Our Heads Team invite children across school to take part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch 2022.

Christmas Jumper Day 2021

Our Community Team launch our 2021 Christmas Jumper Day in support of Save The Children.

Harvest Appeal 2021

Our Kingdom Builders Team Leaders (Joy and Molly) and our School Council Leaders (Grace and Grace) launch our 2021 Harvest Appeal...

Shine Even Brighter [Y6 Campaign Video: April 2021]

Shining Even Brighter is our strategy for supporting pupils as they return to on-site provision at school in 2021. It sets out how we intend to build upon the work that we already do so that we meet the social, emotional, spiritual and academic needs of our pupils at such a crucial time.

Year 6 have set out to encourage younger pupils across school with this wonderful campaign video. Enjoy!

Give Plenty in 2020 [Y6 Campaign Video: January 2020]

Year 6 launch their latest campaign, encouraging us to embrace a decade of generous giving. Give plenty in 2020!

Light up a life this winter [Y6 Campaign Video: December 2018]

Year 6 are leading a winter campaign across school entitled LIGHT UP A LIFE THIS WINTER. Our school motto 'let your light shine' (Matthew 5:16) is all about taking action. Our actions can transform lives. When we live out our Christian values, the light of Jesus shines through as.

In Matthew's Gospel, Jesus tells us: "Let your light shine before others!"

Year 6 have learnt that, for some people, winter can be a challenging time. The long dark nights and cold weather can make people feel miserable, grumpy or isolated. Year 6 are calling on everyone to spread the light of Jesus this winter! This can be achieved by something as simple as smiling at someone.

Give disrespect the red card [Y6 Video Campaign: June 2018]

Year 6 are leading a World Cup campaign across school entitled GIVE DISRESPECT THE RED CARD. This term, we're deepening our understanding of the Christian value of respect. The campaign forms a link between our focus on respect and the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The children are learning about the importance of respect. They've discovered that it feels amazing be respected and it feels just as amazing to respect others!

Please join us in spreading the word! Give disrespect the red card this World Cup!

Give up grudges [Y6 Video Campaign: Lent 2018]

Year 6 led a Lent campaign across school entitled GIVE UP GRUDGES. In the spring term, we were deepening our understanding of the Christian value of forgiveness. The campaign formed a link between our focus on forgiveness and our time of preparation for Easter during Lent.

The children were learning about the importance of forgiveness. They discovered that it feels amazing to be forgiven and it feels just as amazing to forgive others!

Please join us in spreading the word! Give up grudges!