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Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy

Message from the Vicar

Welcome to this wonderful school.
The school pursues a deeply Christian and inclusive vision that underpins all aspects of its work. This vision of a world transformed by a generation of ‘Kingdom builders’ fuels our passion for primary education.
We love the relationship between school and church and hope you will too.
I enjoy being part of collective worship at school and learn as much from the children as they do from me. We have some super class visits to church where our children have the chance to explore and ask questions. We also host wonderful whole-school assemblies here in church - not to be missed!
Many of our children take an active part in our Family Services at church - their enthusiasm is a joy to watch and encourages us all.
As part of growing to their full potential, we want to support our children as they grow in confidence to explore faith in ways which are fun and real for them. Each child is different - there's never any pressure, just lots of encouragement and creative ideas!
Rev Sue Timmins
Christ Church Parbold